Renee Young Reveals What Vince McMahon Thought Of Her Commentary

2 years ago by Taylor Sanchez

Renee Young Reveals What Vince McMahon Thought Of Her Commentary

Renee Young (Paquette) has revealed what Vince McMahon thought of her commentary during her time on Raw.

When Renee replaced Jonathan Coachman at the Raw announcers desk in 2018, she became the first full-time female commentator on WWE TV.

It must be nerve-wracking when your first night on the job involves making history. Fortunately for Paquette, the boss was on her side. Speaking on Casual Conversations, Paquette revealed that Vince McMahon was really happy with her performance on her first night.

Noting that she was complimented in person and over Twitter by the Chairman, Paquette revealed that it was a confidence boost to see McMahon so impressed with her work.

Here is the quote, courtesy of Wrestle Zone:

“I would say my very first night stepping in to do commentary when I was like I really had a f**king attitude. I was like whatever they want me to do, I’ll just step in no skin off my back if it works, it works and if doesn’t, it doesn’t. I feel like everyone walked away from my first night doing a high-fiving feeling like hell yeah! That was really great. I felt good about it but to have Vince seem like he was really excited about it. He congratulated me on it, he tweeted about like oh wow he never sends out those tweets. To get that reaction from him was super cool.”

Paquette’s time behind the commentary desk was short-lived, and she quickly transitioned into a presenting role on WWE Backstage.

She left WWE in the summer last year, concluding that she felt she had accomplished everything she could in WWE. She recently made a one-off appearance on a special edition of FS1 WWE Backstage ahead of Royal Rumble 2021.

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