Report: Alberto Del Rio Involved In Backstage Incident At Wrestling Show

Report: Alberto Del Rio Involved In Backstage Incident At Wrestling Show WWE

Alberto Del Rio (Alberto El Patron) was allegedly involved in a backstage incident at a wrestling show in Mexico.

Per a several reports, including the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Alberto was booked to wrestle at a KAOZ show in Monterrey, Mexico.

The former WWE star was reportedly told to turn up at 3pm, but didn’t arrive until two hours later. When he was refused entry into the building, Alberto forced his way in, and ended up wrestling on the show, per the report.

Dave Meltzer wrote the following in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

“Alberto (Del Patron) was booked for the KAOZ promotion in Monterrey for what was billed as the final show at Arena Monterrey, which is being torn down. It also may not be the final show but that’s a different story. He was told to arrive by a certain time and wasn’t there. According to The Cubs Fan and other sources in Mexico, KAOZ promoter Alonso Botello said he told Alberto he had to show up on time or he was off the show and wouldn’t get paid.

“When he didn’t show up on time, Botello sent word not to let him in the building if he arrived and he was off the show. He showed up two hours late and the show had started. Alberto still got in the building, forcing his way in. There was a video of his father, Dos Caras, and brother, El Hijo de Dos Caras, arguing with Botello claiming Alberto didn’t know the time.

“Alberto did wrestle on the show and Botello said it was the last agreed upon date for the two of them. The feeling was it was important for Alberto to wrestle in Monterrey because he had a booking on 3/27 and also a booking in Laredo. He said he was going to make both bookings and the Monterrey show ended up being canceled, but there were fans who saw that he was booked twice the same night and the belief was Botello would have brought up his no-showing if he didn’t wrestle.”

Alberto was seemingly pulled from last month’s TripleMania XXX In Monterrey show, following reports that he was set to return to the promotion.

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