Report: Backstage Reaction To Zelina Vega WWE Release

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Report: Backstage Reaction To Zelina Vega WWE Release

While we’ve come to expect WWE releases, it’s fair to say not many people were expecting last week’s announcement of Zelina Vega being released.

According to reports which have come out since her release, it seems that Zelina’s refusal to obey WWE’s new third party platform policy, which has led to a number of wrestlers closing their Twitch and Cameo accounts. Vega also started an OnlyFans account for her cosplay, and this was apparently “the last straw” for WWE.

Zelina has thanked WWE for giving her an opportunity to work there, but Fightful Select has now spoken to a number of wrestlers backstage in WWE, AEW and Impact Wrestling about her release.

Their report reads:

“We’ve gained reactions from all across the wrestling world, from every major company in America on the Zelina/WWE split.

“Most were looking for information themselves, as details are few and far between. Most everyone is shocked, but one person on Smackdown did tell us that if one person was going to stand their ground on the third party situation, they felt like it would be Zelina. However, we aren’t sure that she actually did that.

“Several AEW talent were surprised about the move, with one even noting that WWE doesn’t realize what they have in Zelina, and they’d ‘lost their minds.’

“An IMPACT wrestler told us they would push for her to come back to the company as she has history there.”

According to Fightful, one SmackDown star has said that Zelina did in fact make an attempt to appease WWE, but the company’s mind had already been made up.

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