Report: Cody Rhodes Has Been In Contact With WWE Officials

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Report: Cody Rhodes Has Been In Contact With WWE Officials

New reports from both Andrew Zarian and Sean Ross Sapp have revealed Cody Rhodes’ team has been in contact with WWE after he and wife Brandi Rhodes left AEW earlier today.

Shortly after Rhodes’ departure from AEW was announced, Andrew Zarian tweeted:

“I can confirm that Cody’s camp has been in contact with WWE officials.”

Shortly afterwards, Sean Ross Sapp updated his earlier report regarding Cody leaving AEW, and echoed Zarian’s report regarding Cody already being in possible talks with WWE.

“Shortly before the announcement, WWE officials were aware of the situation and also knew that an announcement would be dropped. We’ve heard that the two sides have at the least had discussions, but WWE was well aware that an announcement regarding Rhodes’ departure would be made at 10 am EST.”

Time will tell as to whether Cody Rhodes does re-sign with WWE, but there’s no doubt this is the biggest AEW departure in the promotion’s short history.

We will bring you any further information when it becomes available to us.

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