Report: Cody Rhodes & Tony Khan ‘Fell Out’ Recently

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Report: Cody Rhodes & Tony Khan ‘Fell Out’ Recently

A new report has provided backstage details on Cody Rhodes final few months with AEW.

Per TMZ, Rhodes and Khan fell out with one another as Khan’s ‘visibility’ within the company grew. While not confirmed, this could refer to the period where Khan decided to change his organisation strategy for AEW creative plans.

Following a report that the roles of AEW EVPs had changed drastically since the formation of the promotion, Khan stated that at the beginning of 2020, he decided he wanted to be a hands-on AEW President, and made it so creative plans generally run through him.

Another report has revealed that there was a significant financial dispute between Cody and AEW, which you can read about here.

A WWE source is fully anticipating Rhodes joining the company, according to WrestleVotes.

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