Report: FOX Originally Wanted To Air WWE Raw Rather Than SmackDown

12 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Report: FOX Originally Wanted To Air WWE Raw Rather Than SmackDown WWE

A backstage note has emerged on FOX negotiations to air WWE programming, with the network originally wanting Raw instead of SmackDown.

SmackDown has been airing on FOX since October 2019, following the announcement of a five year agreement, worth around $205 million per year.

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer recalled FOX originally vying for Raw, before USA Network matched the bid.

Meltzer noted:

“The deal was, FOX wanted Raw, not SmackDown. USA had the right to match any offer, and so they matched the offer that FOX bid for Raw, and then FOX at that point wanted SmackDown. And at that point, USA had spent so much money on Raw, it was just kinda like, ‘We’re not gonna match you for SmackDown’.”

Both Raw and SmackDown stars will be in action at WrestleMania 38, with Roman Reigns notably facing Brock Lesnar in a bout to unify Raw’s WWE Championship, and SmackDown’s Universal Title.

You can view the announced card for WrestleMania Saturday (April 2) here, and the current line-up for WrestleMania Sunday (April 3) here.

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