Report: Lars Sullivan Allegedly Mocked Hurricane Katrina Victims Online

2 years ago by Tempest

Report: Lars Sullivan Allegedly Mocked Hurricane Katrina Victims Online

Over the weekend, news surfaced that Lars Sullivan had allegedly sent messages sexually harassing a woman on Instagram. Since then it has been reported that WWE is aware of the situation and Sullivan does not have many supporters in the locker room. Now, more comments have surfaced online. has reported on more comments made by Sullivan from years ago on Reddit. These comments did not resurface when the first group of insensitive comments made by Sullivan hit the internet last year. A pair of comments were highlighted with the first showing a very insensitive message about Hurricane Katrina:

“lol because Katrina? Guess what, they were just the loudest when it came to screaming for help. Vermont got nailed last year and they cleaned up themselves. The people down south instead scream for help and discrimination if we don’t take them by the hand and give them everything in the world just because their house got wet.”

The second spoke of Christianity and people’s reactions to mass shootings.

“However you interpret it. To me, after seeing all these interviews with witnesses and survivors, it’s so cringe worthy when they say “I thank God I’m still alive”, “Thank God I did not end up going when my Mom told me not to, he was looking over me”… how insulting is that to the people who did die? God wasn’t looking over them… why? Because you’re such a better Christian than them? That’s the epitome of ignorance and arrogance, they need to keep the word “God” out of it with future tragedies.”

There is currently no word on how WWE will react to further news about Sullivan. As stated in previous reports, this weekend’s news was not the first time he has found himself in trouble.

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