Report: More AEW Stars Unhappy With Backstage ‘Chaos’

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Report: More AEW Stars Unhappy With Backstage ‘Chaos’ AEW

We’ve seen the MJF contract saga and apparent unhappiness reported numerous times in recent weeks, but it seems as though Mr Friedman isn’t the only one who isn’t best pleased with how things are run.

According to the Voices of Wrestling podcast, the backstage atmosphere is often “chaotic”, and certain things like redundant match finishes are becoming more frustrating.

Voices of Wrestling said:

“A source from the AEW locker room tells us that MJF is hardly the only talent feeling some level of discontent, describing the backstage atmosphere as ‘chaotic’ with a lack of structure, with common complaints ranging from not knowing angles or finishes until close to showtime, and things like redundant finishes and angles to set up matches being very frustrating.”

With AEW still a relatively new wrestling company, stories of backstage unhappiness have been few and far between, but as more reports come out, perhaps we need to recognise that it isn’t just WWE that struggles to keep its stars happy.

The podcast also noted that Tony Khan is planning on introducing new title belts to AEW, so for more on that, click here.

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