Report: ‘Numerous People Loudly Went To Bat’ For Released WWE Star

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Report: ‘Numerous People Loudly Went To Bat’ For Released WWE Star

It has nearly been a week since one of the biggest mass firings in WWE history, when 20 main roster stars, several NXT stars and possibly hundreds of office staff were released from their contracts.

On the list of released stars were names such as Rusev, Rowan, Kurt Angle and Drake Maverick, but according to the latest reports, there was one particular release that got a lot of negative backlash backstage.

Fightful reports that “numerous people loudly went to bat” for Sarah Logan, former Riott Squad member and wife of Raw star Erik of the Viking Raiders.

Sean Ross Sapp revealed that there is a good chance Logan could make a shock return to the company as a result, despite barely being used in the past few months or even years.

Her last match for WWE took place on Raw just two days before her release against Shayna Baszler, and it was essentially a squash match to try and get Shayna Baszler over.

Perhaps the fact that so many people are pushing for her return and giving her support will mean that an eventual return could lead to a bigger push for her.

We’ll have to wait and see whether she does return, and what story WWE will put out to justify it.


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