Report: NXT Releases Were Planned 3 Weeks Ago

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Report: NXT Releases Were Planned 3 Weeks Ago

Lats night, WWE had its latest “budget cuts” set of releases, this time focusing on NXT, with eight wrestlers and referees given their future endeavours, despite WWE reporting record profits once again.

As reported by both Sean Ross Sapp and PWInsider, here is the list of names released yesterday.

  • Drake Wuertz
  • Jake Clemons
  • Alexander Wolfe
  • Skyler Story (Brandi Lauren)
  • Ezra Judge (EJ Nduka)
  • Jessamyn Duke
  • Vanessa Borne
  • Kavita Devi

In an additional report, PWInsider has noted that these releases were in fact planned three weeks ago, but it was decided that the call to release the above names was delayed.

The release of referee Drake Wuertz appears to have been widely welcomed within WWE, with a number of people reportedly unhappy with him backstage. It was also reported that he was nearly beaten up at an NXT show.

Alexander Wolfe, who until recently was part of NXT stable Imperium, has since revealed that his WWE contract was set to expire in June 2021, so it seems as though he took the decision not to renew his deal.

We will keep you update with any further news regarding the releases.

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