Report: USA Network Was Unhappy With WWE For Paul Heyman Firing

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Report: USA Network Was Unhappy With WWE For Paul Heyman Firing

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a major ally of WWE at the USA Network was unhappy with the company’s decision to fire Paul Heyman from his position as Raw Executive Director earlier this year.

Meltzer noted in the latest issue that Chris McCumber (who recently left his position at NBC/USA) formerly served as a liaison between WWE and the network. Meltzer is reporting that he was a big fan of Heyman, and was not happy with his firing:

McCumber was known to be a Paul Heyman supporter and wasn’t happy when he was taken off his role with Raw. He had been sold on the idea of a time frame of declining ratings in order to rebuild and create a generation of new stars, and was less happy when the emphasis was put on older stars. Whether he still felt that way a ratings somewhat stabilized is unclear

During his time as Raw’s Executive Director, Paul Heyman did put an emphasis on pushing younger talent like Aleister Black, Murphy, AOP, Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, Humberto Carrillo and others.

However, pretty much as soon as Paul Heyman was replaced as the red brand’s Executive Director by Bruce Prichard, the emphasis was put on older an more established stars like Big Show and Randy Orton, in an attempt to boost the ratings.


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