Report: Very Few Wrestlers Were Available For WWE Raw Last Night

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Report: Very Few Wrestlers Were Available For WWE Raw Last Night

If you watched last night’s episode of Raw, you’ll have noticed that the show was almost entirely focused on either Drew McIntyre or Zelina Vega’s band of handsome men.

In fact, other than a handful of short matches dotted around, this has been the focus of most of the recent episodes of the red show.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE had “a very limited crew” this week, meaning they are being forced to work with who is available during quarantine.

“What’s notable is there must be a lot of guys for whatever reason unavailable right now because pretty much whole show is Drew McIntyre and Zelina Vega’s guys and they’re pretty much the only people they focused on.”

WWE filmed both this week’s and next week’s episodes of Raw next week, and shows will not be aired live going forward in an attempt to ensure wrestler safety during the pandemic.

While this is speculation, this could also be the reason there have been so many squash matches on WWE TV in recent weeks, as the company is using everyone and anyone who is available, including NXT trainees who have barely appeared on NXT TV, let alone the main roster.

Quote credit: Ringside News.


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