Report: WWE Considering USA Network Over FS1 For NXT

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Report: WWE Considering USA Network Over FS1 For NXT

With All Elite Wrestling starting their two-hour weekly TV show on TNT in October 2019, it has been reported that WWE will be moving NXT to FS1, making it a live show in the process.

The idea is that with Smackdown Live moving to FOX on October 4, WWE wants NXT to go head-to-head with AEW on TNT, and it was believed that FS1 would be the location for the new show.

However, Dave Meltzer is reporting in the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that NXT is not 100% moving to FS1, with WWE higher-ups also considering the USA Network as a home for the new live show:

“So it went from FS1 to FS1 or USA to maybe USA Wednesday 8:00 PM EST to 10:00 PM EST still. The word that I heard is that they’re trying to get the jump which means it would start before October 2nd whereas before I think it was starting on October 2nd and FS1 was going to be the problem with the Big East Basketball. I don’t know what USA schedule’s like. So it’s all in play, but yeah I mean we expect that announcement real soon.”

Meltzer would go on to explain why WWE management are considering the USA Network over FS1, with the fact that Raw is already on the USA Network being an important factor:

“WWE fans are more familiar with watching USA than FS1 so that is another thing that leads the USA Network’s favor.”

On top of the ambiguity about where NXT will end up, Meltzer notes some of the other issues that WWE has to consider before any final decision is made:

“Do they go live every week do they go live every other week? Both have been discussed, but there will be a live component for sure. Do they continue with another hour on the WWE Network which would mean three hours of NXT a week which is starting to stretch and will burn things out or do they drop the WWE Network and the WWE Network subscribers are going to be unhappy. What do they do about international? Because this is coming up.”

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