Report: WWE Has ‘No Issue’ With Lars Sullivan Racism Scandal

Report: WWE Has ‘No Issue’ With Lars Sullivan Racism Scandal

As you may have seen, there has been a bit of talk about some racist, homophobic and offensive comments allegedly made by WWE star Lars Sullivan on a body building forum in 2013 and earlier.

This was first reported back in October 2018 but has for whatever reason been dragged back into the spotlight, with Big E stating many within WWE are aware of the comments made.

If you haven’t yet seen, this is a summary of what Lars allegedly said:


  • Illegal Mexican immigrants just want to come to America to “get free stuff”
  • That African Americans want “pity” for what their ancestors went through
  • Claims that he “got with” Raw women’s champion Ronda Rousey
  • Calling CM Punk a “prick” (WWE probably support this one)
  • Calling ROH wrestlers “vanilla midgets”
  • Calling Jeff Hardy a junkie with no wrestling ability
  • Suggesting there is a “grey area” when it comes to rape and consent
  • Saying Bobby Lashley is “clearly a steroid abuser”
  • Making racist and homophobic comments
  • Derogatory comments towards Stephanie McMahon

Speaking about the topic on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez said that the reason there have been no repercussions for Lars is that he apologised.

Given that the company kicked Hulk Hogan out of the Hall of Fame for three years following a racism scandal, this will probably be seen as double standards by many.

Do you think Lars Sullivan deserves further punishment? Let us know in the comments.


5 years ago by Andy Datson



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