Report: Pitches For Several NXT Call-Ups Revealed

Report: Pitches For Several NXT Call-Ups Revealed WWE

WWE NXT still remains a key feeder system for moving to the main roster and a recent report has outlined “pitches for several NXT talent.”

Fightful Select (subscription required) reports that there “have been pitches for numerous talent to be called up to the WWE main roster.”

The report states that a number of NXT talent have worked dark matches or on WWE Main Event to evaluate their potential outside of the WWE Performance Centre.

Among those listed by Fightful Select is Cameron Grimes, with “several WWE staff” considering him to be a “natural fit” given that he’s worked on IMPACT and WWE NXT television consistently for five years and has “great familiarity with producer Shane Helms.”

Another name that was presented was Von Wagner, with Fightful Select highlighting that he had been “pitched for a possible call-up in the past”.

WWE staff have also had the opportunity so see Von Wagner perform regularly on WWE Main Event.

Von Wagner had, reportedly, been slated for a main roster call-up last year.

Fightful Select states that, according to their sources, there will be “a more slow and steady flow of talent” from NXT to the main roster with fewer “years-long evaluation periods”.

Whilst appearing on Main Event does give a feel for main roster appeal in front of a live crowd, Fightful Select does state that appearing on the show doesn’t suggest that there are pitches or plans for any particular NXT star.

WWE Main Event is taped before WWE Raw, allowing WWE producers to see how NXT stars would perform in front of a more typical WWE audience than would appear at the fixed location of the WWE Performance Center.

It is, however, noted that “several NXT talent” have told Fightful Select that appearing on the Main Event is seen as something of a reward.

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