Report: WWE To Punish Talent Mentioning 3rd Party Charities & More On Social Media

Report: WWE To Punish Talent Mentioning 3rd Party Charities & More On Social Media

Following on from WWE opting to ban its wrestlers, who are deemed as independent contractors, from using third-party platforms such as Twitch and Cameo, WWE is now reportedly controlling what talent can post on social media.

Wrestling Inc is reporting that WWE has told its contracted wrestlers that violations will be issued if the talent mention third-party companies, businesses, brands, people or even charities on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram:

WWE is issuing “violations” to talent for tweets or Instagram posts naming any third party business, person, brand or charity, Wrestling Inc. has learned.

The report notes that talent will first be warned following their violations, but repeat offences will reportedly lead to fines and even suspension from the company.

Wrestling Inc. has learned that the violations start with a warning, then a fine, and finally suspension. The company is claiming ownership of talent Twitter and Instagram accounts via a clause in their contracts that grants WWE the exclusive use of their likeness.

It has been made clear to talent who have complained that the current “flexibility” allowed in social media could be retracted by the company.

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