Report: Xavier Woods Makes ‘Little To Nothing’ From UpUpDownDown

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Report: Xavier Woods Makes ‘Little To Nothing’ From UpUpDownDown

Despite hosting the channel and building its following to over 2 million subscribers, a new report from Fightful Select states that Xavier Woods makes “little to nothing” in terms of a monetary reward from his YouTube channel UpUpDownDown.

It was reported yesterday that Woods and WWE were in a financial dispute about the channel, and fans have noticed that content has been at a minimum on the channel of late.

According to the report, almost everyone in WWE is on Woods’ side in the dispute, with many being shocked to learn how little money he is making for all his hard work.

Not only that, but many were shocked to hear that he wasn’t the owner of the channel, and that in fact he never has been, with WWE owning it, with Woods being the main host.

With the amount of subscribers and views his videos consistently get, you would expect Xavier Woods to be making a lot of money for WWE, but according to Fightful, Woods only earns the money in his already pre-agreed downside guarantee, and sources say he’s “not seen an extra dime” for his work on the gaming YouTube channel.

It was noted there is no backstage heat on Xavier, and that him winning the King of the Ring and his feud with Roman Reigns was booked while the financial issues were ongoing.

We’ll continue to being any further updates as they become available.

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