Rey Mysterio: All In a “game changer” for professional wrestling

5 years ago by Liam Winnard

Rey Mysterio: All In a “game changer” for professional wrestling

Rey Mysterio has made headlines over the last couple of days after his seemingly inevitable return to WWE was confirmed by PWInsider.

We may have seen Rey back in Vince’s company a bit earlier than this though, especially if it wasn’t for All In, which the luchador main evented in a six-man tag team match wherein he, Fénix and Bandido lost out to the Golden Elite.

It is understood Mysterio wanted to fulfill his commitments to perform at the show and that is what prevented him from returning to WWE sooner.

The ‘Ultimate Underdog’ was a recent guest on the Apter Chat podcast, where he discussed All In in quite a bit of depth.

It has been well-documented that All In suffered from timing issues, leading to the final match being cut short. Here was Rey’s take on the situation:

“They always say that you [have] got to live the moment. I believe we all lived the moment. It was an unfortunate situation for all six of us. You have to picture, this is the first big event that they’ve done and for a first big event there weren’t that many mistakes that happened throughout the night. Overall I think that we were able to put on a really good match within the time that we put in. I think it’s a blessing.

“Obviously word got around really quick after the match and the fans still enjoyed that match very, very much. Just imagine if we could have gone the full time that we had planned out… Maybe if we had more time the match would’ve been the same or it could’ve been better. You never know.”

Here are Rey’s comments on the effects of All In on the pro-wrestling business:

“[All In] was definitely a game changer for this business. I think that wrestling will never be the same after All In, meaning in a good way. All that does is emphasize on the opportunity given to every independent wrestler out there. The doors have opened up for a bigger and wider scene for you to be displayed on. I know they talk about WWE being the only company out there where you can pretty much present yourself and be on the big stage.

“But I am going to have to say, after All In there might be bigger opportunities for others that have not been given an opportunity to be a part of the WWE, that are looking for a place to perform and I think this is definitely one of those places. Without a doubt.”

One of the biggest praises of the September 1 indie supershow was the variety of action, showcasing entertainment to satisfy all audiences.

Mysterio commented on the varied in-ring styles on show at All In:

“I think another thing that we can’t forget, is the fact that we understand, or at least that I do, I see it now that I’m outside of WWE, how much wrestling has evolved in the last four years, at least for me. It’s been four years since I left WWE, so I see the game changing day-by-day. To a more competitive style of wrestling, a more aerial, more hard style, strong style, you name it.”

“It’s a different style of wrestling now. I don’t know if you were able to witness this at All In, but there was no holding back. Talent wasn’t told to hold back. What they can display or not display. They were just given an opportunity to perform and they took advantage of it. Each and every one of us.”

You can listen to the full interview here.

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