Rey Mysterio Booed For Asking Children To Chant “D*** Sucker”

4 years ago by Liam Winnard

Rey Mysterio Booed For Asking Children To Chant “D*** Sucker”

WWE house shows are generally a lot of fun. The workers are more relaxed and under less pressure, meaning they’re usually more up for going out and having a good time.

However, it sounds like last night’s event in Puerto Rico wasn’t ideal.

Reddit user LonaDeOro posted a list of things wrong with the show, one of which particularly stands out:

Rey Mysterio asked the kids to chant “d*** sucker” to Baron Corbin (i loved this part but everyone were mostly extremely uncomfortable looking at their kids and Rey got booed)

Another user, -Nerevar-, added a bit more context to what Rey actually said:

Ok to everyone confused here, Rey Mysterio is from San Diego (I am from 2 hours to the east and still southern California) and as Mexican Americans we don’t use the word “Mamabicho” which is what OP was saying Rey said and translates to “D*** sucker” (Mama/Mamar, to suck, Bicho being Bug in Spanish). “Mamabicho” is more of a Puerto Rican word/slang but it is often heard in popular reggaeton and urban music from Puerto Rican artists such as Bad Bunny, Farruko, Arcangel, Daddy Yankee, and so on. My guess is that since Rey would hear it in songs he thought it would be as harmless as calling someone “tonto”, “baboso”, “menso”, all mild insults.

I think we need to spare a thought for Corbin at this difficult stage in his life – the poor bloke has been getting called all kinds of things lately.

There were also a couple of other issues with the show that were pointed out:

  • 5 matches total of the 9 announced.
  • 8 wrestlers that were advertised the entire week did not show up.
  • 20 minute break for a 2 hour show.
  • All pages related to the event and promoter have been deleted.

The user did however note that overall it was a good show and gave props to those working the event.

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