Rey Mysterio Discusses WWE Future Of His Son Dominik

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Rey Mysterio Discusses WWE Future Of His Son Dominik

Legendary WWE star Rey Mysterio has spoken with BT Sport regarding the future of his son Dominik, who popped up on TV a fair few times throughout 2019.

“At one point, I do remember saying, ‘my outfits are gonna be intact. I’m gonna store them, and eventually if my son wants to wrestle, they’re gonna be here waiting for him.’ I never thought he’d come out 6’2” 215 lbs. I’m still doubting my wife and just want to make sure I’m the real father [joking, obviously].

“He’s got an idea of his own, and he didn’t ask to be a part of this world until he was 19. He grew up around it. We did several storylines with him and Eddie, of course. I think that always stayed with him. Once he figured out what he wanted to do and he asked, ‘dad, can you train me? I wanna see if I can make it in this business,’ I was like wow. I never forced it upon him. I never pressured him. It was something came natural and organic. I think that’s why he’s a different type of breed, but he has something special to give. I feel it. As a father, I have that instinct that he’s gonna be something special.”

Mysterio would go on to discuss his son’s training, and how he hopes to help him out full-time when he retires himself:

“I’m probably the hardest on my own son because I told him, straight up, ‘I’ll be the first one to let you know, if you’re not ready, you’re not ready, and we’re not gonna push this. We’re not gonna force it. We’re not gonna rush it. Everything has to come in time.’ He’s surprised me, of course, very much from day one. Up until now he keeps surprising me. He keeps doing things that I had never done in the ring, and when I see his height and his weight, I’m thinking oh my god there’s something special here. If after I hang up the mask, I probably wouldn’t mind being around and helping out my own son and the future.”

The multiple-time WWE World Champion also spoke about how William Regal offered him some advice about Dominik when they were together at Survivor Series in November:

“It’s funny because I was talking to Regal in November at Survivor Series, and my son Dominik was there. He was guiding Dominik with some tips just helping him out with what to look forward to.

“We were talking the clash of styles. It’s exciting when you have something that’s getting ready to blow up, but you just don’t know what direction it’s going. It’s a universal trend. If you see outside, if you go to wrestling events, you’re gonna see the new breed, the new style of wrestling that fans are falling in love with I compare it to the early-to-mid ’90s when I was breaking through and having opportunities to be part of ECW and WCW. I’m pretty sure a lot of guys were going, ‘what is this man? This is way too fast. You gotta slow down.’ I think now, the new generation, they’re just unbelievable. Hard for me to catch up.”

You can watch the full interview in the embedded video above, where Mysterio also talks about Eddie Guerrero, the 2006 Royal Rumble, and more. Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcriptions.

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