Rey Mysterio Had To Tell Dominik’s Teacher Paternity Drama Wasn’t Real

7 months ago by Amanda Savage

Rey Mysterio Had To Tell Dominik’s Teacher Paternity Drama Wasn’t Real WWE

Wrestling is still real to some school teachers it seems! Rey Mysterio recently shared a hilarious story about an interaction with one of Dominik’s teachers.

Recently Rey Mysterio appeared on Fox News and shared a funny story of the time he had to explain to one of Dominik’s teachers.

Mysterio saying:

“I remember talking to one of his teachers and I know Dominik was getting harassed constantly. They were a bit concerned about the situation, about him being in the middle of a situation that was uncomfortable. But after one of his teachers approached him and said, ‘is everyone OK at home? Are you sure, Dominik? Is there anything we can do to help?’

“After Dom told me that, I remember approaching the teacher and telling her as you know this is all part of the entertainment business. Nothing that is happening on TV is real. So, everything is OK no worries. You don’t have to worry about anything. I think the only thing we have to worry about is when Dom misses school that he’s able to take his homework with him and do it when he’s on the road. But besides that, everything was OK.”

Rey Mysterio continues to be a doting Dad although now he wrestles alongside his son Dominik Mysterio in WWE.

Rey Mysterio is currently 11-13-0 in 2022 in WWE action.

You can check out all of the win/loss records for the WWE roster in 2022 by clicking here. 

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