Rhea Ripley WWE Backlash Challenger Revealed

1 month ago by Amanda Savage

Rhea Ripley WWE Backlash Challenger Revealed WWE

UPDATE: This match has now been made official.

On tonight’s WWE SmackDown, a challenger for Rhea Ripley and the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship emerged.

In a backstage segment with Adam Pearce, Zelina Vega approached to request consideration of a big match at Backlash.

After LWO and Judgment Day have been having contemptuous interaction after contemptuous interaction, Zelina wants a piece of Rhea!

Telling Pearce that as she is the only Puerto Rican woman on the roster and this is the first show in Puerto Rico in quite some time, it would make sense to have a title shot at the upcoming premium live event, Backlash.

While Pearce was non-commital (needing to speak to ‘upper management’ and Ripley herself), Zelina was willing to wait and see what ‘Mami’ had to say.

Ending the scene with a menacing smack of a flip flop, it seems that it might finally be time for Rhea Ripley to meet the chancla!

For the uninitiated it is a (often well deserved) stereotype that when a Latino Mom gets incensed with an unruly child or teen, she might just take off her flip-flop (chancla meaning ‘slipper’) and throw it at the offender.

WWE’s premium live event Backlash is set to air from San Juan, Puerto Rico on Saturday, May 6, 2023. You can read more about the event by clicking here. 

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