Rhea Ripley Blasts ‘Pathetic’ Fan Who Said She’s ‘Almost A Man’

Rhea Ripley Blasts ‘Pathetic’ Fan Who Said She’s ‘Almost A Man’ WWE

Unfortunately social media gives terrible people a platform to be terrible with little risk of real-life consequences, and more unfortunately for us, wrestling fans appear to be more likely to tweet unpleasant things, especially about wrestlers.

The latest example of this is a fan who decided it would be a good idea to tweet WWE star Rhea Ripley, suggesting she was transitioning towards becoming male.

Thankfully, Rhea saw this tweet, and went on to show everyone why comments like this are ridiculous, and completely unacceptable. She blasted the fan for his stupidity in a series of tweets.

As you can see, Rhea Ripley is in phenomenal shape, so it’s unfortunate there are some people who feel the need to try and put her down, simply because she has bigger muscles than them.

Another reminder. Don’t be a terrible person.

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1 year ago by Andy Datson


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