Rhea Ripley Fires Back At ‘NFT Artist’ Claiming Ripley Stole Her Look

Rhea Ripley Fires Back At ‘NFT Artist’ Claiming Ripley Stole Her Look WWE

WWE Raw star Rhea Ripley found herself trending on Twitter last night, when an NFT artist shared her photo, claiming that Ripley ‘stole her look’.

Twitter user Thugmuffin took to the social media platform, comparing her and Rhea’s photographs, with the caption:

#RheaRipley #wwe y’all must’ve just seen me on tv and decided to rip my look. I’ve had this tattoo for three years y’all gave her the same tat/ look as me but don’t have her walk out to my music?

The ‘tattoo’ in question is the logo featuring scales that is in fact not a tattoo, at least in Ripley’s case, but rather an image Rhea began drawing on her cheek after she aligned with the Judgment Day, as it is the group’s logo.

Ripley saw the traction the tweet was getting and responded, saying:

1. This really isn’t worth my time, but I’m bored.

2. I’ve drawn logos/ random things under my eye for a long time.

3. It’s my group logo, plus in a Libra. It’s scales, you don’t own them.

4. I don’t even know who tf you, so get over yourself and keep my name out your mouth.

Ripley then posted a follow up tweet making fun of the situation, saying:

Thinking about calling someone out for “stealing” my look by having the same hair color or hair cut as me… Who out there has more name value than me that I can call out? I really want it to scream “I want more followers”.

This whole situation of course caught the attention of NXT 2.0 star and resident legendary human being Edris Enofe, who also decided to call out Ripley for ‘stealing his look’, tweeting a photoshopped image of himself with Rhea’s hair and a scale on his face.


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