Ric Flair Defends Vince McMahon Being Backstage At WWE Raw

3 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan

Ric Flair Defends Vince McMahon Being Backstage At WWE Raw WWE

While it’s safe to say that many fans, journalists and talent may have been unnerved by the news that Vince McMahon was backstage at Monday’s Raw, it seems like Ric Flair doesn’t have a problem with McMahon ‘visiting’ his friend John Cena.

Speaking on an ‘Ask Naitch Anything’ edition of his ‘To be the Man’ podcast, Flair gave his thoughts on McMahon showing up to ‘visit’ Cena:

“He’s the boss and he just let everybody know it. I’m sure he loves visiting with John (Cena). They are very close as they have both relayed to me on different conversations.”

Speaking further on Vince and Cena’s friendship, Flair conveys the loyalty Cena has displayed to Vince over the years:

“I think Vince and John are beyond friends. They are just really close. I think where guys will drift off, John always stays right there.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they talk a couple times a week. I just think he let everybody know that he’s still the boss.”

Flair has notably praised McMahon for his impact on the business and his own career on numerous occasions throughout the investigation into his alleged sexual misconduct.

H/T to Wrestlingnews.co for the transcription.

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