Ric Flair Gives WWE Trademark Battle Update

Ric Flair Gives WWE Trademark Battle Update

Ric Flair has given an update on the ongoing trademark issues between he and WWE over the use of “The Man”, a phrase which he has applied to trademark.

He was said to have spoken to WWE to come to a private agreement over the term, which is the moniker of Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, but he claimed the company “blew him off”.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc, Flair addressed how things are going:

“I’m happy with the progress [laughs]. I don’t wanna get credit for starting this but I notice a bunch of people are doing it now [filing for trademarks]. I want people to know this before they start spending money – I spent 40 years building that brand. So much of it was when brand development wasn’t part of the demographic to be successful in wrestling.

“I never thought about today in the 80s and it’s come a long way. If I had someone marketing me the way Wendy does or WWE does back in the 80s then there would be a difference in income streams.”

On the topic of trademarks and merchandise, Ric Flair discussed whether he handled his own merch sales when he was at his peak:

“No, not at all. I never handled it and I think we sell more merchandise now [than when I was wrestling]. I missed that era as I was still in the NWA when that stuff started with Vince. He deserves all the credit for starting that merchandise empire that WWE has and makes millions of dollars off of. [WWE Superstars] can make a living on that alone if they are in the top 4-5.

“Everyone has become aware in the last couple of years of how important it is to trademark and own your own name. They prepare themselves for the future because as we all know it can last two years, 10 months or in my case 47 years. The key is to be able to walk away at the end of it and if you’ve been successful then have some control of your name through trademarks.”

4 years ago by Liam Winnard


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