Ric Flair Would Like To Manage ‘Nasty’ Cesaro In AEW

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

Ric Flair Would Like To Manage ‘Nasty’ Cesaro In AEW WWE

Former WWE star Cesaro shockingly departed the company last month, when his contract with the promotion had expired, meaning that he is currently a free agent.

Many fans immediately began speculating about Cesaro debuting in AEW, as many fans tend to do. Ric Flair himself spoke about Cesaro’s departure on his Wooooo Nation podcast, where he discussed what he believes was Cesaro’s high point in WWE.

He said:

“I thought his high point was his series of matches with Seth [Rollins]. I liked the Bar, but his matches with Seth Rollins were really really good. I’ve never seen Cesaro have a bad match. If you got the skill, the look and you got the charisma, there’s a place for you on top in either company. Find something that’s different than everybody else. Simple as can be. I would get Cesaro, get him a new manager and make him a heel.”

When Flair was then asked if he would do it, he responded:

“Manage him? I’d love it! Then you work on him with little things that make him nasty. You’ve never seen him be nasty. You take a guy with his skill and his strength and teach how to be nasty, just little tricks of the trade, he’d be really hot. If I was managing him, I would call Tony Khan out to the ring and I’d knock him down from behind and have Cesaro give him a giant swing and put him in a hospital for a month. Or Schiavone! I don’t mean just Tony (Khan), but I mean someone that you can really beat the shit out of, just beat the shit out of make it beleivable, that would be his first night there. Someone questioning his greatness, anybody!”

Cesaro is arguably the hottest free agent in wrestling right now, behind Cody Rhodes. If he were to land in AEW, here are 6 dream matches that he could have in the promotion, which aren’t the ones you immediately think about.

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