Ric Flair Teases One More Match With A Surprising Opponent

5 months ago by Amanda Savage

Ric Flair Teases One More Match With A Surprising Opponent WWE

Ric Flair has told TMZ that he’s thinking about wrestling one more match and the opponent he has in mind might shock you!

When Ric Flair says he is “retiring” or that he has just had his “last match” it is always important to note that Flair is also a “never say never” type of gent.

Therefore, when asked by TMZ Sports recently if he was planning on doing another match, Flair of course had to give the people something to talk about!

When the interviewer asks, “Will you ever do a celebrity match or kind of a fun match?”

Flair responded:

“I might, I’m thinking about wrestling Sasha Banks.”

However when asked when, Flair responded: “Can’t tell ya, maybe we’ll go up against WrestleMania,” with a signature smirk for good measure.

By the jovial tone of the conversation, it seems that Flair is joking around however again it should be noted and he did via the caption.

Never say never when it comes to Ric Flair!

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