Ricochet Shares Honest Thoughts On Braun Strowman ‘Floppy Flopper’ Tweet

1 month ago by Sanchez Taylor

Ricochet Shares Honest Thoughts On Braun Strowman ‘Floppy Flopper’ Tweet WWE

Ricochet has shared his honest thoughts on Braun Strowman’s ‘floppy flopper’ tweet, noting that his tag-partner loves to stir the pot.

Following his victory over Omos at Crown Jewel in November, Strowman shared a tweet throwing shade on Dave Meltzer’s star ratings and high flyers which he referred to as ‘floppy floppers’.

Shortly after, Strowman was paired with Ricochet, which many speculated was a punishment for his controversial post.

Speaking on Out of Character, Ricochet noted that he wouldn’t be surprised if he was next to Strowman when he was sending the tweet.

Noting that the locker-room didn’t really care about his words, Ricochet said:

“Braun and I, we’ve always had banter like that back and forth. I think his tweet is just, you know, Braun loves to stir the pot. He loves to get reactions and rises out of people. He just loves it.

“It is funny because I think the backstage locker room cared a lot less about what he was saying then some of the people, like, the fans were tweeting me all this stuff.

“It’s like, you guys have no idea. I was probably sitting next to Braun when he was tweeting it. We just think, ‘Oh, that’s just Braun. That’s just our guy. That’s just our dude.’

“He loves to stir the pot and get rises out of people and when people start to rise and they do it, he’s like, ‘Got them.’ He loves it.”

Ricochet and Strowman’s most recent TV match saw them defeat Erik & Ivar on the April 21 edition of SmackDown.

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