Ricochet Named WWE’s ‘Most Underrated’ By Fellow SmackDown Star

1 month ago by Connel Rumsey

Ricochet Named WWE’s ‘Most Underrated’ By Fellow SmackDown Star WWE

Throughout the entire existence of WWE, there have always been top stars, as well as those that are considered underrated by the fans and coworkers.

Triple H taking over WWE creative last July has allowed for more of the ‘underrated’ stars to get their moment in the sun.

One such name is Ricochet, who won the SmackDown World Cup, as well as being a part of many main event matches on SmackDown against the likes of Gunther.

However, one of Ricochet’s fellow SmackDown stars believes that he is still one of the company’s most underrated talents.

Karrion Kross spoke to Josh Martinez of Superstar Crossover, where he named the former Intercontinental Champion as the most underrated star in the company, and explained why.

He said:

“I hope people don’t take this the wrong way, but I think Ricochet is most underrated. The reason is because he is a guy you can put in the ring completely, like on a cold match with no story, and he will be able to get reactions out of any audience that he is working in front of.

“Like, there are certain people that lean more towards storytelling, and there are certain people that lean more towards highspots.

“I’m telling you, man, if you put Ricochet in the ring with anybody, they’re gonna get their money’s worth. With all due respect to everybody on the roster, everyone gives 110%. I just think that he hits different.”

Ricochet recently made headlines for his appearance in the Royal Rumble match, where he and Logan Paul created one of the match’s highlight moments.

transcription via WrestlingNews.co

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