WWE Speed Champion Ricochet Addresses Title’s Absence From TV

WWE Speed Champion Ricochet Addresses Title’s Absence From TV WWE

Inaugural WWE Speed Champion Ricochet has addressed the championship’s continued absence from the company’s main programming.

On the April 26 WWE Speed taping, Ricochet defeated Johnny Gargano to become the first ever champion of the brand by way of a multi-stage tournament held exclusively on the weekly Twitter exclusive show.

Since capturing the title however, Ricochet has not been seen carrying it on WWE Raw or otherwise, something that has been criticised by some fans online.

One such Twitter user questioned the Highlight of the Night on the matter, to which Ricochet reveals that the titles exclusivity to the weekly Speed show was a part of the agreement between WWE and Twitter in the first place.

Ricochet tweeted:

Because a specific company paid a specific amount of money to have a specific show and title, EXCLUSIVELY be shown on their specific platform.

Ricochet recently defended his new championship for the very first time at the WWE Speed taping on May 20 (airing on May 24), defeating New Catch Republic’s Tyler Bate.

On this week’s WWE Raw (May 20), Ricochet was taken out by Bron Breakker whilst the Speed Champion was having a backstage conversation with Ilja Dragunov.

Dragunov recently sent a message to Breakker following his rampage on WWE Raw – click here for full details.

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