Riddle Takes Another Jab At Goldberg

2 years ago by Tempest

Riddle Takes Another Jab At Goldberg

It has been no secret that WWE star Riddle wants a piece of Goldberg. They have had a rivalry going on behind the scenes for almost two years. However, in case you thought Riddle had moved on, he took to Twitter to jab at Goldberg once again.

This week’s episode of Raw featured an appearance from Attitude Era spoof character Gillberg. He was created to be a parody of Goldberg when WWE was at war with WCW and his appearance on Raw was Riddle’s chance to take another shot at his rival.

He posted this picture on Twitter, along with a caption saying Gillberg is ten times the man that Goldberg is. Here is the tweet:

“Real legends are your Bros and this stallion is 10 times the man Willy G could ever be!”

The heat between the two began back in 2019 when Goldberg made a series of appearances on WWE TV. Goldberg and Riddle had a backstage altercation with Goldberg telling his rival that he wasn’t his bro.

It appears that a match between the two will likely not happen but that won’t stop Riddle from trying.

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