Rikishi Says Bow Wow Wrestling Is Good For Business

1 year ago by Brian Joyce

Rikishi Says Bow Wow Wrestling Is Good For Business

Rapper Bow Wow recently made the announcement that he was looking to step into the world of wrestling. Soon after, WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi said he would train the rapper at his wrestling school.

Now, Rikishi has opened up about how he thinks Bow Wow wrestling is good for business. Simply, if Bow Wow can bring in additional viewers for shows, why not? Here is the quote from his recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, courtesy of Wrestling Inc.:

“Hey, I’m very excited to be able to be the guy to be able to give him this knowledge and help train him. For me, it’s good for business. If Bow Wow can come into our industry and put asses in seats at WrestleMania, then why not? And everybody should motivate him or help him because him coming in, or anybody coming in from hip hop or the movie industry into our industry, obviously they’re green and they need to be smartened up.

So there is no time for jealousy or those who just hate on the poor guy who is just trying to come in to live his dream.”

Rikishi also mentioned that the rapper has not started his training just yet. You can read more about that here.

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