WWE Name Cricitized For Controversial Tweet Trashing Modern Wrestlers

4 months ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Name Cricitized For Controversial Tweet Trashing Modern Wrestlers WWE

It all started when Disco Inferno stated that “95% of modern-day wrestlers have no clue how to get over” on Twitter.

Glenn Gilbertti isn’t unaccustomed to tweeting his opinion on modern-day wrestling, often taking a critical and sometimes polemic approach to what he sees in the industry.

Taking to Twitter, Gilbertti posted:

95% of modern day wrestlers have no clue how to get over.

Amongst the replies were Brian James, formerly Road Dogg, and current WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events. James replied:

You’re being generous

Adding to this was Aron Stevens, the former Damien Sandow, who tweeted:

It’s about the people in the seats not the people in the ring and their egos.

This response received a praying hands emoji response from James.

Naturally, other voices stepped into the fray, with some questioning whether James should be having such an opinion on Twitter given his current job in WWE, and others questioning the authority of Gilbertti’s stance.

Gilbertti would tackle some of these responses, defending Road Dogg’s comment and stating that “a very small percentage of the 95% are in WWE”.

Others were critical of Gilbertti’s contribution to wrestling, particularly in his time as Disco Inferno in WCW in the late 90s.

Amongst the criticism, we saw the return of a Cody Rhodes Tweet from 2018:

James hasn’t, as of the time of writing, responded to any criticism of his opinion.

James will be appearing on this week’s November 29 episode of NXT along with several other Hall of Famers to announce participants in the upcoming Iron Survivor Challenge matches.

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