Roderick Strong Says Killswitch Engage Almost Performed NXT Theme

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Roderick Strong Says Killswitch Engage Almost Performed NXT Theme

Roderick Strong has revealed that at one time, there were plans for Killswitch Engage to perform his NXT theme music.

Speaking on the Meep Meep podcast, the Cruiserweight Champion noted that the band was set to release an album, and their music was going to be promoted on NXT.

Explaining that the band were going to improve his NXT theme, Strong said:

“It wasn’t (a coincidence his theme sounds like Killswitch Engage). It’s crazy, you want something done and it’s never as good as the people who can do it. We almost had a little bit of a thing and it would have been awesome. I had it worked out where they were going to — they had an album getting ready to come out and they were going to be able to promote it with NXT.

“Basically cover what (NXT) had done for me, but improve it, which is what I wanted. There is a certain sound that Killswitch has and you can tell if it’s them or not. It made me so sad that it fell apart, but it was what it was. They were going to put lyrics to it and make it an actual song.”

Strong won the Cruiserweight Championship from Kushida on the September 21 edition of NXT 2.0. He is currently part of the Diamond Mine stable.

Killswitch Engage notably performed CM Punk’s ‘This Fire Burns’ theme, which was replaced by Living Colour’s ‘Cult of Personality’ in 2011.

CM Punk still uses ‘Cult of Personality’ in AEW. On the topic of the ‘forbidden door‘, Punk has named the NJPW stars he’s most interested in facing.

Transcription via Fightful.

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