ROH Champion Drags AEW Star For ‘Coasting On Sex Appeal’

1 month ago by Amanda Savage

ROH Champion Drags AEW Star For ‘Coasting On Sex Appeal’ AEW

In a stunning interview segment, Athena continued to assert her dominance over not only ROH but all of women’s wrestling.

After besting Angelica Risk in a proving ground match, she got a challenge later from Skye Blue for the ROH Women’s World Championship.

However declining to come to the ring, the challenge was left unanswered officially until an interview segment backstage.

Athena making the bold claim in the interview segment that not only did Skye Blue wasn’t even worthy to stand in the ring with her but she would accept the challenge for next week.

Not only does Athena plan on embarrassing Skye Blue, she blasted her saying:

“Since you want to pop off and run your mouth, I’ll entertain your challenge… let me get something straight right now, just because you’ve been coasting on your sex appeal doesn’t mean you’re worthy of this opportunity.

“And not only am I going to make an example out of you, I’m going to embarrass you and show the world that you never belonged in All Elite Wrestling and you sure as hell don’t belong in my Women’s division.”

Next week, Athena will face Skye Blue as yet another “porcelain hussy” attempts to dethrone the ROH Women’s World Champion.

Elsewhere on tonight’s ROH, another former WWE star made their ROH debut.

You can read more about that by clicking right here. 

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