Update On Jay Briscoe’s Daugthers

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Update On Jay Briscoe’s Daugthers ROH

An update has provided on the late Jay Briscoe’s daughters who were passengers in the car accident that claimed the ROH star’s life.

Jay Briscoe passed away in a car accident in Laurel, Delaware on January 17 2023.

Jamin Pugh’s daughters – Jayleigh, aged 9, and Grace, aged 12 – were admitted to the hospital and treated for injuries, with a long road to recovery being expected.

In a new update, the organizers of the fundraiser to support the Pugh family posted a Facebook video providing new details.

Per the transcript for the video from PW Insider:

“JJ, Briscoe’s nine-year old daughter was officially released from the hospital yesterday and is back home. She will have to wear her neck and back brace for four more weeks, at which point she will then return to the hospital to have her back brace surgically removed.

“She will obviously need continued physical therapy as she recovers but she was able to return home last night.

“Gracie, Briscoe’s 12 year old daughter, will be moved to the rehab floor of the hospital so that she can focus more on physical therapy towards regaining use of her legs below the knee.

“She has feeling in her legs but is still unable to move them below the knees. She noted to her sister that her leg, which has felt as if its tingling nonstop, “felt normal” last night.”

donation page has been opened by a friend of the Pugh family to support them and is listed as “the only campaign that has been approved by the family.”

Ring of Honor released a T-shirt in memory of Jay Briscoe that can be ordered from this link with 100% of the proceeds going to the family.

On Sunday, January 29, the funeral for Jamin Pugh took place in Laurel, Delaware with stars of the wrestling world in attendance.

Everyone at WrestleTalk continues to wish all the best to the entire Pugh family during this difficult time.

Transcript from PW Insider.

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