ROH Star Announces His Departure From Popular Faction

ROH Star Announces His Departure From Popular Faction

It has been a while since Ring of Honor has been able to run a show. While we don’t know when we will see ROH again, Villain Enterprises will be without one of their biggest players. Brody King revealed in a Twitter video that he has gone his own way.

King had been a founding member of the group, joining forces with Marty Scurll and PCO in 2018. Since then, they have been joined by Flip Gordon. As part of the group, King won the ROH Tag Team and Six-Man Tag Team Championships. Here is the video and quote courtesy of Fightful:

“Since day one at Ring of Honor, I’ve heard the same questions over and over again. ‘Why doesn’t Brody speak?’ ‘Why is Brody so quiet?’ ‘What’s his problem?’ Maybe, it wasn’t my place. Maybe, it’s not what I was hired to do. Maybe, it’s as simple as violence speaks louder than words. I wasn’t hired to be the flashy pretty boy. I wasn’t hired to be the inhuman monster veteran. I was hired to get the job done by any means necessary.

There comes a point in every man’s life where he sits back, washes the blood from his body, washes the sweat from his face, washes the tears from his eyes, and weighs his options. That time has come. No more taking orders. No more being under the thumb of another. Now, is the time to be heard. Throughout the course of history, one thing is proven, CHANGE COMES FROM VIOLENCE! NO GODS! NO MASTERS! NO HEROES! NO VILLAINS! JUST VIOLENCE! Just. Violence.”

Ring of Honor has not run a show since February 29. When they return, Brody King will be wreaking havoc.

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