Roman Reigns Adds A New Member To His Faction?

Roman Reigns Adds A New Member To His Faction?

WWE SmackDown has truly become Friday Night Reigns. The show has been centered around him for weeks and he seems to appear in between just about every segment.

Tonight, a lot of hour one focused on Reigns getting the stipulation he wanted for his upcoming match against Adam Pearce at the Royal Rumble. In a random backstage segment, Roman had a visitor in his lockerroom.

None other than Apollo Crews was hanging out with The Tribal Chief. Roman was telling Crews he could learn a lot from him and asked him to stay when Heyman entered the room.

After he bossed Heyman around, Reigns told Crews that’s how you handle your business. Based on the conversation, it seems Crews could have a seat at the table of Roman Reigns.

Last week on SmackDown, Crews slapped Big E in what seemed like a sign of intensity, but it appears it could be a signal of a heel turn for Crews. Crews joining up with Reigns and Uso would certainly be an interesting development. Crews has needed a spark for his character. Could this be it?

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3 years ago by Nate


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