Roman Reigns Returns To SmackDown With Paul Heyman Expressing Concern

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

Roman Reigns Returns To SmackDown With Paul Heyman Expressing Concern WWE

Roman Reigns has finally graced us with his presence on WWE SmackDown after having been absent for several weeks.

Alongside the Bloodline, Roman Reigns as well as special counsel Paul Heyman made their typically dramatic saunter to the ring to address the crowd.

However as the show went to commercial break, on the ramp – Theory was revealed to be waiting, holding his Money in the Bank briefcase!

Back from break, the Tribal Chief picked up on some trepidation from Paul Heyman and asked him to speak on what was wrong – despite the lurking Theory, Heyman expressed concern about Brock Lesnar.

According to Paul Heyman:

“Brock Lesnar has one last chance against Roman Reigns, one last match against Roman Reigns and when Brock Lesnar is cornered, that is when the beast is most dangerous. I’ve known him for 20 years, who was 24 years old and wasn’t supposed to beat The Rock… who wasn’t supposed to beat the streak?…”

With fascinating allusions to Theory, the youngest United States Champion in WWE history came out simply to taunt Roman Reigns with the briefcase who mostly looked unbothered albeit mildly perturbed.

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