Roman Reigns Details Specifics Of His Leukaemia Treatment

4 years ago by Andy Datson

Roman Reigns Details Specifics Of His Leukaemia Treatment

It has now been a week since Roman Reigns returned to our screens following five months out of the ring having treatment for leukaemia.

Since returning, he has already managed to re-unite the Shield for a match at Fastlane, and has also hopefully shut up a lot of people on the internet who think his cancer was fake.

A major gripe for some idiots was that he “didn’t look like he’s had cancer”, which is ridiculous in itself, but Roman has now detailed his treatment, explaining why he didn’t suffer the same side effects from his treatment that many others do.

Speaking on the latest episode of WWE Chronicle, Roman said:

“It’s not like taking Advil. It’s nothing like taking radiation and true chemotherapy, but it does have its side effects. It does have its nastiness about it. At the end of the day, if you’re lucky enough to just take a pill, I think you’re ahead of the game. An oral chemotherapy is a huge win for people. And I’m one of them. It’s allowed me to maintain a certain level of health and allowed me to stay out of pain.”

He also revealed that his leukaemia was Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML), a slow working variant of the disease. Roman described the day he found out about his leukaemia diagnosis:

“I was at a live event, I believe it was either a Saturday or a Sunday. I just remember one of our doctors telling me that something was going on with my blood tests and they wanted to do another one because they thought something was off. So I went in and did another one and then I remember going to TV on Monday. I remember one of the refs coming up to me and usually they’ll be like ‘you’re needed in TR [Talent Relations], Mark [Carrano] wants to see you.’ And I’m like ‘ah yeah, whatever. I’ll get there when I get there.’”

“But this time they’re like ‘Hey, Dr. Amann, the medical staffwant to see you.’ So I knew something was up. But I still in my head didn’t truly believe it. It was just like, ‘Ah, something weird. You’ll be fine. Blah blah blah.’ But when I got there, I could tell. The whole crew was in there. They broke the news that my white blood cell count was obviously elevated. We could point fingers in certain directions, but with my history they kinda already knew what was going on.”

You can watch the full episode on the WWE Network right now.


Thanks to Fightful for the transcription.


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