Roman Reigns Details The Impact COVID-19 Had On His Body

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Roman Reigns Details The Impact COVID-19 Had On His Body

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns was forced to miss the Day 1 Premium Live Event after testing positive for COVID-19.

Speaking to the SI Media podcast, Roman spoke in depth about the impact the virus had on his body, and how it continues to effect him even now.

He said:

“For me, obviously in comparison to some of the worst scenarios that are out there and that we’ve seen through the pandemic, it wasn’t bad. For me, it was mainly a pretty good sinus infection, a bronchitis cough, a lot of chest tightness.

“I still feel that actually. When I’m doing my conditioning because we don’t wrestle quite as much and we’re doing a lot of six-man [tag team matches], I don’t have singles matches as much as I used to, so I have to continue to really push the conditioning on my own and I’ve noticed in the past couple of weeks that when I really blow myself up on the bike or running, or whatever I’m doing, I can feel that tightness and a little bit of wheezing.

“So it’s definitely something serious. As someone who is vaccinated and boosted, it still got to me and I still felt the effects. While they weren’t as severe as they can be for some, it did hang around and linger for a while.

“It took me, obviously, I missed Day 1 and I tested positive a week before that. We were just chasing that negative test and finally a few days before SmackDown the following week, I finally got that negative test and the wife let me back in. So it was a good week that week.”

WWE is no longer testing its wrestlers, so any testing is done by the wrestlers themselves.

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