Real Reason Roman Reigns & Kevin Owens May Still Have Backstage Heat

Real Reason Roman Reigns & Kevin Owens May Still Have Backstage Heat WWE

Following reports that the backstage heat between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens was put behind them, there is a reason why bad blood may be lingering.

To get you up to speed, Roman Reigns was reportedly upset after what he considered to be an unplanned spot with Kevin Owens during their WarGames match.

There was word of a ruptured ear drum for Reigns after Owens slapped him, but that specific injury has not been confirmed.

Earlier this week, Dave Meltzer confirmed the hard-hitting slap and that it had left noticeable bruising on the Tribal Chief.

He also reported that the issue had blown over in around twenty minutes. Which surely is record timing for backstage heat.

Now, as per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the backstage heat may be lingering between Owens and Reigns after all.

Meltzer writes:

“Reigns was furious and backstage after went off on Owens, with swearing and such. According to numerous sources, Reigns was mad both because of the injury but also because it wasn’t a spot he had known about and felt it didn’t make sense to do it in the match.

“Some said it happened, Reigns was obviously furious, but it largely blew over by 20 minutes later. Others said that wasn’t accurate in the sense it wasn’t completely blown over, that Reigns was upset, but it’s not like they are changing any plans in booking or he won’t work with Owens or there will be any punishment or anything like that.”

With that cleared up, Meltzer continued to explain why Roman Reigns could hold a grudge over the incident, as he had ‘pretty much’ picked Zayn and Owens personally to work with him, and could have picked anyone.

Meltzer noted:

“It fell into the category of s**t that happens but the idea was that after Zayn got over doing what was not supposed to be a long-term gimmick, that Reigns pretty much picked Owens and Zayn personally to work a long program with and the idea is he could have picked any two people on the roster to elevate and those were the ones he picked.

“Zayn got that spot because of how well the crowd took to him in the short-term program and Owens made sense with their history and because he can talk and is a great performer.

“But there was the idea he didn’t have to pick him or either of them and did, and was mad because something happened that he felt with his character should not have happened, and he also got hurt.

“But as noted it’s not like he was mad to the point of wanting the plans in place to change.”

The 28 November edition of Raw continued the storyline of Sami Zayn’s alliance with the Bloodline as he ended his friendship with Kevin Owens.

Maybe Kevin Owens just needs to watch his back for a receipt.

Roman Reigns, Jimmy & Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn defeated the Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens at Survivor Series WarGames.

Check out the win/loss record for the main WWE roster right here.

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