Roman Reigns’ Next WWE Opponent Revealed?

2 months ago by Laura Cude

Roman Reigns’ Next WWE Opponent Revealed? WWE

Intriguing pictures have emerged from WWE house shows that may hold clues to Roman Reigns’ next opponent.

Roman Reigns recently returned to singles action at the September 24 Saturday Night’s Main Event house show in Vancouver, Canada.

The Tribal Chief went head to head with AJ Styles in the main event of the recent house show.

As WWE often tests out rivalries on the house show circuit before they make it to TV, it has been speculated that a feud between the two top stars is in the works and will be coming to TV shortly.

To throw further fuel on the fire, honorary Bloodline member, Sami Zayn, is scheduled to face AJ Styles on Monday’s (September 26) edition of Raw. This could be another sign that AJ Styles will be Reigns’ next opponent.

The Tribal Chief is set to face Logan Paul at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, on November 5.

AJ Styles and Sami Zayn had a heated exchange on Twitter this weekend, where AJ Styles told Zayn to bring his “dumb gift shirt.”

This is of course a reference to the t-shirt Roman Reigns gave Sami Zayn during the September 23 edition of SmackDown, cementing his status as an Honorary Uce.

Stay tuned to for news and updates from WWE Raw on Monday, starting at 8pm ET on the USA Network.

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