Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman Give Behind The Scenes Details On Bloodline Storyline

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman Give Behind The Scenes Details On Bloodline Storyline WWE

Ahead of his big main event match on WrestleMania Sunday, Roman Reigns has opened up about the concept of the Bloodline storyline in a new interview.

With comments from both Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman, a new Associated Press interview gives the most in-depth discussion of the Bloodline storyline from the major players themselves to date.

Roman Reigns describing the beauty of the long-term storyline arc, saying:

“When these ideas in real-time started happening, it became a chain reaction, a domino effect. It’s been like an onion, peeling open, left and right, these awesome opportunities and different rabbit holes to dive down with these different characters we’ve involved.”

“Everything we’re doing now and how it is displayed — the character work, the personality, the storylines, all of that the information we’re giving our fans, we’re keeping everything as logical as you can in a wrestling show.”

With Paul Heyman describing the initial vision for the Tribal Chief character as similar to an American film classic.

Although not the typical mafioso comparisons that are typically waged towards the Bloodline, rather that the character is based on Colonel Walter E. Kurtz from ‘Apocalypse Now’.

Heyman said of the role, famously portrayed by Marlon Brando:

“The reason why is because the story is of a soldier so great, he could not be stopped. He goes rogue and takes over this community, becomes their leader, and their end all be all.

“He then has to live up to being this navigator into the future and has the responsibility and the accountability of living up to those expectations.

“And at some point, that becomes a burden and makes him resent those with such lofty expectations for the person who positioned himself as their leader. And in that resentment comes this villainous bitterness.”

Fascinating stuff delving deeper into a fascinating story!

Roman Reigns is set to main event WrestleMania Sunday as he defends his Undisputed WWE World Championship against challenger Cody Rhodes to close out WrestleMania 39.

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