Roman Reigns Replacement At WrestleMania Revealed?

3 years ago by Nate

Roman Reigns Replacement At WrestleMania Revealed?

It was reported earlier that Roman Reigns is out of WrestleMania 36. He did not feel comfortable traveling to the show because of his history with Leukemia leaving his immune system compromised.

This leaves a huge hole in the card at Mania. Who will Bill Goldberg defend his Universal Title against at this year’s Mania?

According to a Tweet from WrestleVotes, it could look like we’re going to get a monster replacement:

Does that mean Braun Strowman will be going against Goldberg at next weekend’s WrestleMania? It sure seems like that is the intention of this tweet.

This tweet came just minutes after the account Tweeted there’s the news. They were referencing an earlier cryptic Tweet advocating for the delay of the show.

I’m guessing Roman is in that majority of folks that were hoping it would get canceled. WrestleMania is a huge paycheck and the one event wrestlers do not want to miss.

According to Meltzer in the Observer, there could be more announcements of match changes in the coming days due to people not wanting to travel in for the show.

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