Shocking SmackDown Development Between Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Shocking SmackDown Development Between Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn WWE

WWE SmackDown kicked off with an icy exchange in the WWE SmackDown parking lot leading to a backstage segment featuring Roman Reigns.

With the Bloodline entering the arena parking area and greeting each other warmly, it was clear things were not all good between Reigns and Zayn as the Tribal Chief refused to fist bump the Honorary Uce.

In the backstage segment shortly thereafter, Roman Reigns was with Paul Heyman in his private locker room as Sami Zayn attempted to speak to him.

However, Reigns was disinterested in the interaction, instead instructing Zayn to “get out.”

Much to the shock and awe of a nearby Paul Heyman, a stunned Sami stammered as Roman Reigns questioned why they were even having this conversation.

Noting, “I’m not going to do this every single week,” and that he didn’t even want to hear Sami’s name.

With Reigns saying, in part:

“It blows my mind, the Tribal Chief needs to run his game plan by the Honorary Uce? When did this start?”

“Why don’t you go find Kevin, go find your own Bloodline  and stop using my family. Just get out.”

Instructing Heyman to remove him, Heyman prompted the still shocked Sami Zayn to exit the locker room.

In a later backstage segment, Paul Heyman advised the Tribal Chief on the situation.

First noting that he “never liked” Zayn anyway, he went on to add that “maybe it’s better to have him in the castle, pissing out than out of the castle, pissing in.”

Roman Reigns then agreed to meet with Sami Zayn again, providing him very specific instructions as to how to spend the rest of his night.

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