Roman Reigns Comments On Sami Zayn Role In The Bloodline

Roman Reigns Comments On Sami Zayn Role In The Bloodline WWE

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has commented on Sami Zayn’s role in the Bloodline faction.

Zayn began to associate himself with the Tribal Chief’s stable earlier this year, before becoming the official ‘honorary uce’ in September.

The popular star is the highlight of many Bloodline segments, whether you’re a fan of the tension his presences brings, or you just enjoy watching Zayn make the others break character to laugh.

Speaking with The Ringer, Roman Reigns noted that he believes he’s responsible to elevating the workers around him.

Beliving that Zayn has ‘unlocked a different door’, Reigns said:

“That’s one of the top responsibilities of being the top guy is we never work down. It’s only about bringing people up and making them better.

“Look at all the characters around me. Look at how strong this character is to be able to be the centerpiece of so many amazing talents.

“I mean, look at Sami. He unlocked a different door, which allows us to showcase different layers.

“He gives us something completely different to play off of. And vice versa, for Sami to be at the cool-kid table, in the cool clique.

“Being able to showcase that story, that’s what makes us next level. Who would’ve thought ‘Ucey’ would be a thing? But over 12 million people on social media made it a thing, and that’s the type of power we have.

“We can take anything, anything, and make it good. That’s why the Bloodline, the Tribal Chief is so special.

“Because we’ve taken more chicken s**t and made chicken salad than anybody in the history of this business.”

The Bloodline are slated to battle Sheamus, Butch, Ridge Holland, Drew McIntyre & Kevin Owens in a WarGames bout at Survivor Series.

Check out the announced card for the November 26 premium live event right here.

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