What Happened When Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn Came Face To Face On SmackDown Once Again

2 weeks ago by Amanda Savage

What Happened When Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn Came Face To Face On SmackDown Once Again WWE

Roman Reigns came face to face in the ring with Sami Zayn on tonight’s WWE SmackDown for the first time since before Elimination Chamber.

Reigns telling Zayn that Roman has had a special career with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows but he only had one regret; wasting his life on Sami Zayn.

With Zayn retorting that he only has one regret too, not blasting Reigns with a chair sooner. Saying he had been dreaming about the time he could tell Roman exactly what he thinks of him for months.

But now that he was face to face with Reigns, Zayn really didn’t have anything to say other than a note about their upcoming match at WWE Night of Champions.

Telling Reigns that he would NOT be winning the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships at Night of Champion because Roman was just not as good as KO and Sami.

Adding insult to injury, Zayn told Reigns that he wasn’t as good as the Usos either!

However, while Reigns responded instead the Usos rushed the ring from behind to take out the tag team champs in an ambush.

After leaving the champs lying, they joined the ring and Jimmy attempted to shake hands with Roman but Reigns was not impressed.

Yelling at Jimmy and storming out of the ring, he also had a brief run-in with Solo as he attempted to storm past him but was instead, given pause by the youngest member of the Bloodline.

The source Roman’s hostility was revealed with greater depth in a backstage segment later where Reigns continued to chastise the Usos for involving themselves.

Interrupting Reigns while he was talking to Zayn, Roman attempted to reassert his dominance over the other members of the Bloodline.

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