Roman Reigns Shoots On WWE Stars Complaining About Work Needed To Be Top Stars

Roman Reigns Shoots On WWE Stars Complaining About Work Needed To Be Top Stars

On the official WWE After The Bell podcast, current Universal Champion Roman Reigns taken some shots on the wrestlers who complain about the hard work that is needed to be a top star for the company.

While speaking to SmackDown commentator Corey Graves, and without mentioning any names, Roman Reigns suggested that some people want to be top guys in the company, but aren’t willing to put in the work required:

“Everybody wants to be on top. You’ve been in the locker room, you’ve been around the boys. Everybody wants that push. Everybody is like, ‘man, if they just push me’ this, this, this, and that– but when the work comes they start bitching and moaning about it. They start complaining. It’s like, you said you wanna be the guy, but you don’t wanna work on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you know what I mean? You don’t wanna work on a Saturday, you don’t want a double-shot. You don’t want to do the media before and after the show, you know what I mean? You don’t wanna have to catch a flight across the country to do a hit for ESPN, you know what I mean?

“There are a lot of different things that keep you away from home that make this a 24/7 365 day a year job, it’s not even a job it’s like a life. It’s a lifestyle. It’s something that’s like you just — I don’t know. You are it, you become it. It’s not something that you can just put off to the side for a while and be like, ‘I wanna be normal for a little bit.’ I don’t think it’s something that everybody as far as talent understands that and whenever they do get a little bit of a taste of it, it’s shocking and I’ve seen some of the boys go from ‘man I wanna be pushed I wanna be the guy I wanna have the responsibility of being in the locker room’ and then it’s like I kinda like it right here doing what I’m doing you know what I mean? Be on TV this month, wait, be able to make a good living, be able to be with my family for the rest of the week.

“They don’t wanna be in a situation — not all of them, I’m not saying this is everybody — that’s what makes our locker room special is that we do have a lot of hungry performers, but it’s very rare for someone to taste the idea of doing everything. Being on every single show, being dead tired all the time and enjoying it, you know what I mean? And then being able to enjoy it year in and year out. It’s one thing to do it for a year or two, but when you’ve done it for six or seven that’s when you know you are it. You don’t got it, you are it.”

During a recent interview, Roman Reigns spoke about which member of the NXT roster he’d like to face. He also said he would have worked through his Leukemia treatment if it wasn’t for his enlarged spleen.

Thanks to Ringside News for the transcription.

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